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Country: US United States of America

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Inventor: Goto, Seizo; Tokyo, JA

Assignee: Goto Optical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, JA
other patents from GOTO OPTICAL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (229110) (approx. 1)
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Published / Filed: 1973-06-19 / 1970-09-03

Application Number: US1970000069242

IPC Code: Advanced: G03B 37/04;
Core: G03B 37/00;
IPC-7: G03B 37/00;

U.S. Class: Current: 352/069; 396/021;
Original: 352/069; 095/015;

Field of Search: 352/069,70,71,242,243 095/015,16,17,18,12.5,86

Priority Number:
1970-03-12  JP1970000020491

Abstract: This is a panoramic motion picture camera for taking panoramic pictures by means of a plurality of cameras disposed radially at equal intervals in a circle. For photographing the entire scene pano-hemispheric within at least 120° above the horizon by using wide-angle lenses a plurality of cameras (usually five cameras) are disposed with their optical axis inclined at an elevation angle of 2. The optical axis is bent 90° on a mirror so as to be led to a position higher by a distance corresponding to α than the center line of the film, and a finder comprising a wide-angle lens which permits the viewing of all the fields covered by the individual cameras is provided in the center thereof. The finder is used in combination with a vidicon camera connected electrically to a monitoring picture receiver.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Robert E. Burns et al. ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Matthews, Samuel S.; Mathews, Alan

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    1. A panoramic motion picture camera, comprising a plurality of cameras disposed equidistantly in a circle for taking panohemispheric pictures, each of the cameras having an optical system including wide-angle lenses with a photographic angle wide enough to cover each separate field so that the entire scene around thereof may be photographed as a continuous scene within the range of 90° from the horizon to the zenith and 20° below the horizon, means mounting each camera so as to have the optical axis thereof inclined at a required elevation angle with respect to its field to be photographed for viewing thereof, said optical system further including a mirror provided for bending the optical axis by 90° so that any incident ray may be reflected and directed to the surface of a film, a camera body within which said film is advanced; and a finder provided in the center of the cameras and having a wide angle lens of a photographic angle to cover all the fields covered by the individual camera, a vidicon camera used in operation in combination with said finder, and means for connecting said vidicon camera to a monitoring

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Patent  Pub.Date  Inventor Assignee   Title
Get PDF - 5pp US3118340* 1964-01 Iwerks    
Get PDF - 5pp US2942516  1960-06 Disney   Panoramic motion picture presentation arrangement
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Get PDF - 13pp US1735109  1929-11 Eliel   Process of and apparatus for making aerial photographs
Get PDF - 3pp US1797849  1931-03 Aschenbrenner   Multiple chamber for taking photographs from aeroplanes
Get PDF - 3pp US2828664  1958-04 Hoch   Finder for multiplex cameras
Get PDF - 4pp US2928313  1960-03 Hattori   Apparatus for photographing and projecting a motion picture image of a very wide angle
Get PDF - 6pp US2927508* 1960-03 Hoch    
Get PDF - 5pp US2794379  1957-06 McNeil   Panorama camera
  * some details unavailable
Foreign References:
Publication Date IPC Code Assignee   Title
  IT0273264 1930-04       

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