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Title: US3942291: Artificial land structure framework
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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15 pages

Inventor: Hirata, Yasuhiro; Tokyo, JA
Kobayashi, Shoichi; Tokyo, JA
Yamaguchi, Nobuo; Tokyo, JA
Saito, Katshuhiko; Kanagawa, JA
Kimura, Mamoru; Tokyo, JA
Iwasa, Yoshitel; Tokyo, JA
Ueda, Masatoshi; Kanagawa, JA
Magara, Hideki; Tokyo, JA

Assignee: Takenaka Komuten Co., Ltd., Osaka, JA
other patents from TAKENAKA KOMUTEN CO., LTD. (559365) (approx. 50)
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Published / Filed: 1976-03-09 / 1974-05-06

Application Number: US1974000467209

IPC Code: Advanced: E04B 1/32; E04H 1/04;
IPC-7: E02D 27/00;

ECLA Code: E04B1/32; E04H1/04; P04B1/32M1B;

U.S. Class: Current: 052/169.4; 052/653.1; 052/654.1; 052/655.2; 052/DIG.010;
Original: 052/169.R; 052/648; 052/650; 052/DIG.10;

Field of Search: 052/079,169,DIG. 10,648,650,654,655 182/179,118

Priority Number:
1974-05-06  US1974000467209

Abstract:     An artificial land structure framework minimizing the destruction of nature such as hills and plants.

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Purser, Ernest R.; Braun, Leslie A.

Family: None

First Claim:
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What we claim is:     1. A massive polyhedral framework for supporting artificial lands and buildings comprising:
  • standardized main beam members;
  • auxiliary beam members;
  • land beam members;
  • reinforcing beam members;
  • artificial land surface materials;
  • connecting means for releasably connecting said beam members together;
  • upper and lower grids formed by connecting said main beam members through said connecting means in the longitudinal and lateral directions at intervals of a predetermined span, said upper and lower grids being connected by said auxiliary beam members through said connecting means to form a number of three-dimensional spaces continuously disposed two-dimensionally, said two land beam members being provided along the diagonal lines extending through said three-dimensional spaces, the intersecting points of said land beam members being connected to the joints of said main and auxiliary beam members through said reinforcing beam members, said land surface materials being provided on said land beam members to form said artificial lands dividing said spaces in two, said artificial lands being disposed stepwise; and
  • tie members for connecting a plurality of said upper and lower grids together to form the polyhedral framework provided with said stepwise-disposed artificial lands, and
  • wherein a plurality of said upper and lower grids are connected in a gabled style by said tie members.

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  * some details unavailable
Foreign References:
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Buy PDF FR0093653 1969-03  E04B 1/19 MATO DUSKO PAVLIC Treillis destiné a la construction des plaques et des coques. 

Other References:
  • Civil Engineering - ASCE, January, 1973, pp. 70-73 "Disney World Hotel--"

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