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Title: US4009916: Chipcore panel with rounded and bevelled edges overlaid with a sheet of plastic material
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Country: US United States of America

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Inventor: Fantoni, Marco; Udine, Italy

Assignee: McClure Furniture Industries, Inc., Milton, PA
other patents from MCCLURE FURNITURE INDUSTRIES, INC. (361035) (approx. 3)
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Published / Filed: 1977-03-01 / 1974-08-28

Application Number: US1974000501256

IPC Code: Advanced: A47B 47/05; A47B 96/20;
IPC-7: A47B 17/04;

ECLA Code: A47B96/20A; A47B96/20C2; K47B230/00C2A;

U.S. Class: Current: 312/204; 052/783.1; 428/076; 428/326;
Original: 312/204; 052/615; 428/076;

Field of Search: 052/758 H,286,615,309 403/401,403 161/043,44,41,42 312/204 428/076,68,130

Priority Number:
1973-09-21  IT1973000083428

Abstract:     A chipcore furniture panel with rounded and bevelled edges overlaid with a sheet of plastic material. The edges of the panel are bevelled along the whole thickness of the panel with even width and inclination of the bevels on all perimetrical sides; and the edges are connected to the sides along the longer outside perimeter with a curve of determined radius. In addition, one overlay sheet is so applied as to eliminate the seam along the curved intersection of the bevelled sides and corresponding panel face.

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Schroeder, Werner H.; Troutman, Doris L.

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What is claimed is:     1. In an article of furniture composed of a plurality of panels, each of said panels comprising: first and second opposite major parallel surfaces; edge surfaces connecting said first and second major parallel surfaces and bevelled outwardly from said first to said second surface; a first layer of plastic sheet material fixed to said first major surface and trimmed to substantially the same dimensions as said first surface; and a second layer of plastic sheet material fixed to said second major surface and extending over and fixed to said bevelled edge surfaces; said second layer having substantially the same dimensions as the combined dimensions of said second major surface and said bevelled edge surfaces, said first and second layers being trimmed to meet at the intersection of said bevelled edge surfaces and said first major surface; wherein the bevelled edge surface of one of said panels lies adjacent a complementary bevelled edge surface of another of said panels such that the second major surfaces of the two panels face outwardly of said furniture article and the exposed edges of said panels are covered by said second layers of sheet material.

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Foreign References: None

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