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Title: US4089373: Situ coal combustion heat recovery method
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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8 pages

Inventor: Reynolds, Merrill J.; Tulsa, OK 74135
Disney, Ralph W.; Tulsa, OK 74103

Assignee: None

Published / Filed: 1978-05-16 / 1977-04-04

Application Number: US1977000784658

IPC Code: Advanced: E21B 43/243; E21B 43/30;
IPC-7: E21B 43/24; F24J 3/00; F28D 21/00;

ECLA Code: E21B43/243; E21B43/30B;

U.S. Class: Current: 166/256; 165/045; 166/050; 166/052;
Original: 166/256; 165/045; 166/050; 166/052; 166/302;

Field of Search: 166/256-261,272,251,302,52,303,50 165/045 048/DIG. 6 060/641

Priority Number:
1975-11-12  US1975000631108

Abstract:     A method for recovery of heat generated by the combustion of coal in situ within coal seams in the earth. Three embodiments are described: one, in which the coal seam crops out and into which can be drilled and inserted a pipe, through the coal seam, to a central point, where it is joined with a vertical pipe drilled from the surface. Water is supplied to the pipe at the point of outcrop. Fires are started within the coal seam and supplied with air from the surface by means of drilled boreholes. The heat of combustion converts the water in the pipe to steam which travels up the vertical pipe and is used to drive a turbine generator system. A second embodiment is used where there is an overlying aquifer above the coal seam. Fires are started by means of air supplied through boreholes leading from the surface into the coal seam. The heat of combustion converts the water in the aquifer to steam, which then is circulated out of the aquifer and up to the surface where it drives a turbine generator system. A third embodiment uses the hot combustion gases to heat water to steam in pipes in a vertical borehole.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Head, Johnson & Chafin ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Novosad, Stephen J.;

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Related Applications:
Application Number Filed Patent Pub. Date  Title
US1975000631108 1975-11-12    1977-04-19  In situ coal combustion heat recovery method

Parent Case:     This is a divisional of application Ser. No. 631,108, filed Nov. 12, 1975, and now U.S. Pat. No. 4,018,279.

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First Claim:
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What is claimed:     1. In a coal seam in the earth, the method of burning the coal in situ and recovering the heat of combustion, comprising:
  • (a) forming at least one horizontal borehole into said seam, substantially parallel to the plane of said seam, to a selected point, and inserting a first casing into said one horizontal borehole;
  • (b) forming from the surface at least one first vertical borehole to intersect said one horizontal borehole at said selected point, and inserting a second casing into said one first vertical borehole, and joining said first and second casings;
  • (c) forming a plurality of horizontally spaced second vertical boreholes from the surface into said coal seam in the area of said one horizontal borehole, and supplying air under pressure through said boreholes to said coal seam.
  • (d) igniting said coal in the vicinity of said air boreholes and continuously burning said coal;
  • (e) flowing water into said first casing, whereby said water will be converted to steam, and will flow up said second casing; and
  • (f) flowing said steam into a steam power utilization means.

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Get PDF - 6pp US3294167* 1966-12 Vogel    
Get PDF - 7pp US3924680  1975-12 Terry  In Situ Technology, Inc. Method of pyrolysis of coal in situ
Get PDF - 4pp US3960213  1976-06 Striegler et al.  Atlantic Richfield Company Production of bitumen by steam injection
Get PDF - 9pp US3994340  1976-11 Anderson et al.  Chevron Research Company Method of recovering viscous petroleum from tar sand
  * some details unavailable
Foreign References: None

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