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Title: US4103892: Light actuated target control for an amusement device
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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7 pages

Inventor: Hinze, George B.; Westminster, CA

Assignee: Walt Disney Productions, Burbank, CA
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Published / Filed: 1978-08-01 / 1977-05-19

Application Number: US1977000798606

IPC Code: Advanced: F41J 5/02; F41J 9/02;
Core: F41J 5/00; F41J 9/00;
IPC-7: F41J 5/02;
F41J 9/00;

ECLA Code: F41J5/02; F41J9/02;

U.S. Class: Current: 463/052;
Original: 273/101.1; 273/102.2R;

Field of Search: 035/025 273/101.1,101.2,102.2 R,102.2 B,102.1 R,102.1 E,105.2,105.6,108,127 R,181 H

Priority Number:
1977-05-19  US1977000798606

Abstract:     A target control is provided for an amusement device to propel a target in translational motion along a predetermined path and to accelerate the movement of the target when it is struck by a beam of radiation. Preferably, in addition to accelerating the target, the target control reverses the direction of target movement. In this way a visible indication is given to a viewer that the target has been hit, yet the target is still available for further beams of radiation to be directed at it.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Fulwider, Patton, Rieber, Lee & Utecht ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Pinkham, Richard C.; Hum, Vance Y.

Family: None

First Claim:
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I claim:     1. A reaction circuit for an amusement device in which means for providing a beam of energy is directed at a target constrained to move along a predetermined path comprising:
  • (a) a direct current electrical motor driving said target in a first direction along said path;
  • (b) an electrical power supply connected to said motor for supplying direct electrical current thereto through driving transistor means when said driving transistor means is biased to a conducting state below saturation;
  • (c) a bias connection from an electrical voltage supply to bias said driving transistor means into a conducting state;
  • (d) voltage clamping circuitry connected to said bias connection and including a normally conductive semiconductor element through which current is drained when voltage in said bias connection exceeds a preselected steady state bias level to thereby maintain a bias voltage;
  • (e) a shunt circuit connected to a direct current supply to normally bias said semiconductor element into a conducting state;
  • (f) a ground connection from said shunt circuit including a normally non-conductive circuit element actuable to a conductive state by a beam of energy directed thereat;
whereby actuation of said normally non-conductive circuit element by a beam of energy completes said ground connection to drop the bias from said semiconductor element in said shunt circuit to temporarily disable said bias voltage and increase the bias on said driving transistor means, thereby increasing power to said motor to accelerate said target along said path.

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Foreign References: None

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