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Title: US4177589: Three-dimensional animated facial control
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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10 pages

Inventor: Villa, Alvaro J.; Northridge, CA

Assignee: Walt Disney Productions, Burbank, CA
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Published / Filed: 1979-12-11 / 1977-10-11

Application Number: US1977000841002

IPC Code: Advanced: A63H 3/28; A63H 3/33; A63H 3/40; A63H 13/00; A63H 13/04; G05B 24/00; G09B 5/00; G09B 21/00; G09B 23/28; G09F 19/08; G09F 27/00;
Core: A63H 3/00; G09B 23/00; G09F 19/00; more...
IPC-7: G09F 27/00;

ECLA Code: A63H3/28; A63H13/00B; G09F19/08; G09F27/00; S09F19/08F; S09F27/00A;

U.S. Class: Current: 040/457; 040/416; 040/463; 446/175; 446/180; 446/342; 704/254; 704/275;
Original: 040/457; 040/416; 040/463; 046/118; 046/232;

Field of Search: 040/457,455,463,906,411,416 046/232,118,264 035/017,35 R,35 A

Priority Number:
1977-10-11  US1977000841002

Abstract:     An artificially animated face with three-dimensional facial features formed of a flexible material is provided with remotely actuable concealed mechanisms for manipulating the jaw, rounding the mouth, and drawing the lower lip inward relative to the upper lip. The face is operated by an audio input either from a microphone or from an audio tape. The audio input is fed both through an audio amplification system to a speaker located proximate to the face, and also to an audio encoder which senses the major frequencies of the spoken sounds of the audio input and produces one or more digital signals in response thereto. If an "F" sound is detected, the lower lip of the figure is drawn inward to a slight degree, thus simulating human lip movement in sounding the consonant "F". If the decoder detects an "O" sound, the mouth is rounded in response thereto. If the decoder detects an "A" sound, the mouth is drawn into a line. The eyes of the figure may be blinked upon receipt of a specified number of digital signals, and a wind jet may be operated in tandem with the mechanism for drawing the lower lip inward to simulate the expulsion of air from the mouth in conjunction with an "F" sound.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Fulwider, Patton, Rieber, Lee & Utecht ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Pitrelli, John F.; Skillington, G. Lee

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I claim:     1. An artifically animated figure comprising:
  • a replica of a face having three-dimensional facial features formed of a flexible material and having remotely actuable concealed means for manipulating the jaw, concealed means for rounding the mouth, concealed means for stretching the mouth and concealed means for drawing the lower lip inward relative to the upper lip, and
  • audio transducing means for generating an electrical signal of variable frequency components proportional to the frequency components of an audible input and coupled to said concealed means for actuating selected combinations of said concealed means as controlled by said electrical signal to produce animated movements of said facial features corresponding to facial movements of an individual originating said audio input.

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  * some details unavailable
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