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Title: US4322066: Saw fence
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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8 pages

Inventor: Disney, Fredrick G.; Forth Worth, TX 76116

Assignee: None

Published / Filed: 1982-03-30 / 1980-01-11

Application Number: US1980000111353

IPC Code: Advanced: B23Q 16/00; B25B 5/12; B27B 27/10;
IPC-7: B23Q 3/00;

ECLA Code: B27B27/10; B25B5/12;

U.S. Class: Current: 269/304;
Original: 269/304;

Field of Search: 269/073,25,228,303-307,315-320,285 083/467 R,467 A,468,438,522 308/3 R,3 A 144/253 R

Priority Number:
1980-01-11  US1980000111353

Abstract:     A workpiece length measuring device for use in positioning a workpiece relative to a cutting tool (22) includes a guide rail (36) positioned transversely from the cutting tool (22). A fence assembly (20) is movable on the guide rail (36) and includes a pair of upstanding parallel guide plates (60, 62), these plates being longer in length than in height. A guide plate connector (64) is attached between the guide plates (60, 62) to maintain the plates in a parallel relation forming a channel therebetween to receive the guide rail (36) therein. The distance from the guide plate connector (64) to the ends of the guide plates (60, 62) remote from the guide plate connector is less than the height of the guide rail (36). A positioner angle (180) is mounted to and extends transversely from one of the guide plates (62) for positioning one end of a workpiece to be cut by the cutting tool (22). A clamp structure (130) is mounted relative to the guide plates (60, 62) and selectively engages the guide rail (36) to fix the fence assembly relative to the guide rail.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Richards, Harris & Medlock ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Watson, Robert C.;

Family: None

First Claim:
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I claim:     1. An apparatus for positioning a workpiece relative to a tool comprising:
  • a guide rail having an upstanding nontubular leg,
  • a fence assembly movable on said guide rail and including:
    • first and second upstanding parallel guide plates, said plates being longer in length than in height and said first guide plate having a cutout therethrough in line with at least a portion of said second guide plate,
    • a guide plate connector joining the upper ends of said guide plates to maintain said guide plates in a spaced, parallel relation and forming a channel between the confronting surfaces of said guide plates having a width less than the height of said guide plates, said distance from the guide plate connector to the ends of said guide plates remote from said guide plate connector being less than the height of said guide rails,
    • bearing means mounted in said guide plate connector and extending therefrom for engagement with said guide rail to facilitate movement of said fence assembly on said guide rail,
    • bearing means mounted in said first guide plate, said bearing means for engaging the side of said guide rail to facilitate movement of the fence assembly relative to the guide rail,
    • a positioning fence mounted to and extending transversely from said first guide plates, and
    • clamp means mounted to said fence assembly by attachment to said guide plate connector for movement with said fence assembly and having a linkage including an engaging leg for engagement of said guide rail through the cutout in said first guide plate to clamp said guide rail against said second guide plate.

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  * some details unavailable
Foreign References: None

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