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Title: US4600184: Tool fence
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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9 pages

Inventor: Ashworth, Steven W.; Blue Springs, MS

Assignee: Delta International Machinery Corp., Pittsburgh, PA
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Published / Filed: 1986-07-15 / 1984-01-23

Application Number: US1984000573257

IPC Code: Advanced: B23Q 3/00;
Core: more...
IPC-7: B23Q 3/02;

U.S. Class: Current: 269/303; 269/307; 269/315;
Original: 269/303; 269/307; 269/315;

Field of Search: 269/303-307,315-320 144/253 R 083/438

Priority Number:
1984-01-23  US1984000573257

Abstract: A fence assembly for a tilting arbor table saw is provided in which a fence is detachably mounted on a fence carrier in either one of the two selected positions to present either a comparatively tall or a comparatively short work guiding surface and for use on either the left or the righthand side of the cutting blade. The fence carrier is mounted on an elongated guide that is attached to the saw table and which has front walls that define a slot running along the length thereof. A locking mechanism is provided on the fence carrier that includes a locking element located within the elongated guide that can be rotated between a position where it secures the fence carrier against movement and a position where the element can be removed through the slot in the front wall to dismount the fence and fence carrier from the elongated guide.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Merchant, Gould, Smith, Edell, Welter & Schmidt ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Schmidt, Frederick R.; Schad, Steven P.

Maintenance Status: CC Certificate of Correction issued

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Family: None

First Claim:
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I claim:     1. A fence apparatus for use on a tilting arbor table saw having a circular blade comprising:
(a) an elongated guide rail having:
  • (i) a rear wall for attaching said guide rail to the saw table;
  • (ii) an upper wall extending substantially horizontally outwardly from said rear wall away from the saw table;
  • (iii) a bottom wall extending substantially horizontally outwardly from said rear wall away from the saw table; and
  • (ix) a pair of spaced apart walls extending inwardly toward each other generally normal to said upper and lower walls to define between them a front wall with a slot extending along at least a portion of the length of said guide rail;
(b) fence carrier means for mounting a fence for movement laterally toward and away from the saw blade, said carrier means including:
  • (i) an elongated base portion having an upper wall mounted in sliding engaement with said upper wall of said guide rail and a front wall mounted in sliding engagement with the front wall of said guide rail; and
  • (ii) a fence receiving portion extending outwardly from said base portion in a direction substantially normal thereto;
(c) a fence attached to said fence receiving portion; and
(d) locking means mounted for rotational movement on said front wall of said fence carrier means, said locking means including:
  • (i) a locking element located on the inside of said slot in said front wall of said guide rail;
  • (ii) an operating shaft connected to said locking element and extending outward through said slot;
  • (iii) an operating handle connected to said operating shaft; and
means for fastening said locking element, said shaft, and said handle together including means for effecting a linear movement of said shaft and said element with respect to said front wall of said guide rail to move said locking element between locking and unlocking positions and means for preventing rotation of said shaft and said element with respect to said handle to allow for movement of said locking element to a position for removal and installation throughout said slot.

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Foreign References: None

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