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Title: US4695281: Medical material
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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5 pages

Inventor: Miyata, Teruo; Tokyo, Japan
Noishiki, Yasuharu; Tottori, Japan

Assignee: Koken Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
other patents from KOKEN CO., LTD. (318045) (approx. 34)
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Published / Filed: 1987-09-22 / 1983-03-25

Application Number: US1983000478773

IPC Code: Advanced: A61L 27/24; A61L 27/36; A61L 33/00; C08H 1/06; A61F 2/00;
IPC-7: A61F 2/02; A61F 2/06;

ECLA Code: A61L27/24; A61L27/36; A61L33/00R2; C08H1/06; K61F310/00A66;

U.S. Class: Current: 623/023.72; 623/001.49; 623/917;
Original: 623/011; 623/001; 623/016;

Field of Search: 623/018--23,11,16,1 128/1 R,92 C,92 CA,334 R,335 R,DIG. 21

Priority Number:
1983-03-25  US1983000478773

Abstract:     The medical material according to this invention contains collagen, which as been chemically modified by saccinylation of thermal -NH2 groups of said chains attached to poly peptide chains of the collagen so that the -NH2 groups are converted into groups having -COOH groups. This succinylation can be carried out by reacting succinic anhydride with the -NH2 groups of the collagen. Since the above medical material has excellent compatibility with living bodies, especially, with blood, it is suitable to use it as a replacement material for tissues and/or organs which are kept in contact with blood at their surfaces, namely, is suitable for use in artificial blood vessels, artificial valves, some parts of artificial hearts which are kept in contact with blood at said parts, etc. and as a patching material for hearts.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Armstrong, Nikaido, Marmelstein & Kubovcik ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Apley, Richard J.; Isabella, David

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Family: None

First Claim:
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What is claimed is:     1. A medical material comprising collagen, the surface of the collagen being chemically modified by succinylation of terminal --NH2 groups of side chains attached to polypeptide chains of the collagen, so that the --NH2 groups on the surface of the collagen are converted to --COOH groups to a degree of at least 50%, based on the entire collagen; and the interior of the collagen being modified by crosslinking --NH2 groups therein with one of an aldehyde and its analogous compound.

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Patent  Pub.Date  Inventor Assignee   Title
Get PDF - 11pp US3927422  1975-12 Sawyer   Prosthesis and method for making same
Get PDF - 10pp US3955012  1976-05 Okamura et al.  Zaidan Hojin, Seisan Kaihatsu Kagaku Kenkyusho Method for manufacturing medical articles composed of silicone rubber coated with collagen
Get PDF - 8pp US3974526  1976-09 Dardik et al.   Vascular prostheses and process for producing the same
Get PDF - 5pp US4349026  1982-09 Miyata  Collagen Development Corp. Regenerated fiber collagen condom and method of preparation
Get PDF - 6pp US4466139  1984-08 Ketharanathan   Vascular prostheses
Get PDF - 7pp US4546500  1985-10 Bell  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fabrication of living blood vessels and glandular tissues
Foreign References: None

Other References:
  • Miyata et al., "Int. Healing Process of SCC Collagen Tube as an Antitrombogenic Card. Graft, Apr. 24-1982, Society Biomat.
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