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Title: US4752065: Motion picture amusement ride
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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7 pages

Inventor: Trumbull, Douglas; Santa Monica, CA
Collins, David; Westlake Village, CA
Smith, Wayne; Los Angeles, CA
Spieldiener, Robert; Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Assignee: Showscan Film Corporation, Culver City, CA
Intamin Corp. Inc. Est
other patents from SHOWSCAN FILM CORPORATION (511550) (approx. 11)
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Published / Filed: 1988-06-21 / 1985-12-19

Application Number: US1985000811104

IPC Code: Advanced: A63F 9/14; A63G 31/16; G09B 9/14;
Core: A63G 31/00; G09B 9/02; more...
IPC-7: A63G 31/16;

ECLA Code: A63F9/14; A63G31/16; G09B9/14;

U.S. Class: Current: 472/060; 352/085;
Original: 272/018; 352/085;

Field of Search: 272/016,17,18 297/396 273/DIG. 28 434/034,43,44,45,55,58,62 352/048,85,132

Priority Number:
1985-12-19  US1985000811104

Abstract:     An amusement ride is provided, of the type that moves and tilts passengers viewing a motion picture, which is more versatile than prior rides. A plurality of passenger-holding frames is provided, that are all moved in sychronism, each by a separate set of actuators, while the passengers view a stationary screen. The passenger-holding frame is pivoted up and down on a beam which is supported by only two largely vertical actuators, while two pairs of links or arms limit movement of the beam.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Freilich, Hornbaker, Rosen & Fernandez ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Stouffer, Richard T.;

Maintenance Status: E3 Expired  Check current status

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Designated Country: AT BE CH DE FR GB IT LI LU NL SE  AU EP JP KR 

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First Claim:
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What is claimed is:     1. An amusement ride apparatus comprising:
  • a passenger-holding frame with a row of passenger-holding seats arranged along a lateral row axis;
  • means for displaying a motion picture image to passengers in said seats, with at least a portion of the image representing a view from a moving vehicle;
  • drive means for moving said frame to simulate, at least partially, the forces that would be experienced by a passenger in said moving vehicle;
  • said drive means including a base that can be mounted on the ground, said base having opposite ends spaced apart along a substantially horizontal lateral base axis that is primarily parallel to said lateral row axis, a pair of lower arms each located at a different one of said ends of said base, each of said lower arms being pivotally mounted on the base about one of two largely parallel lower axes that are substantially horizontal and perpendicular to said base axis, a pair of upper arms each having a lower end pivotally mounted on the upper end of a corresponding one of said lower arms about a middle axis that is substantially parallel to said lower axes, and an upper beam having opposite ends that are pivotally mounted on the upper ends of said upper arms about upper axes that are substantially parallel to said lower axes;
  • said passenger-holding frame is pivotally mounted on said upper beam about a frame axis that is primarily parallel to said row axis, and said drive means includes at least one actuator coupled to said frame and said upper beam to pivot said frame about said frame axis on said beam, whereby to provide compactness in the length of the apparatus.

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  * some details unavailable
Foreign References: None

Other Abstract Info: DERABS G87-192386

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