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Title: US5182836: Pressure activated seat belt locking mechanism
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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6 pages

Inventor: Burkat, Alexander; Placentia, CA

Assignee: The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA
other patents from WALT DISNEY COMPANY (617665) (approx. 101)
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Published / Filed: 1993-02-02 / 1991-08-30

Application Number: US1991000753410

IPC Code: Advanced: A44B 11/25; B60R 22/32;
Core: more...
IPC-7: A44B 11/25;

U.S. Class: Current: 024/633; 024/603; 024/640;
Original: 024/633; 024/603; 024/640;

Field of Search: 280/801 297/468 024/665,603,633,650,639,640

Priority Number:
1991-08-30  US1991000753410

Abstract: A pressure activated seat belt locking device is disclosed for allowing an operator from a remote location to control the locking or unlocking of seat belts such as those used on amusement park type rides, or elsewhere. The seat belt locking device has a buckle portion into which a latching tongue is inserted and held into place by a retractable element which extends through an aperture in the latching tongue. The latching tongue can be removed from the buckle by depressing a release latch to disengage the retractable element from the aperture. The seat belt locking device is provided with a pneumatically inflatable air bladder which is exerted against a pivotable lever lock when properly inflated. The inflation of the air bladder causes the lever lock to pivot and bear against the lower end of the release latch, such that the release latch cannot be depressed by the user of the seat belt to disengage the retractable element from the latching tongue. Accordingly, the seat belt is retained in the locked position until the air bladder is deflated such that the lever lock pivots away from the release latch.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Pretty, Schroeder, Brueggemann & Clark ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Marmor, Charles A.; Dickson, Paul

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Family: None

First Claim:
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We claim:     1. A seat belt locking mechanism comprising:
  • a seat belt buckle;
  • a latching tongue capable of being inserted into the buckle;
  • a retractable element which extends through an aperture in the latching tongue when the latching tongue is fully inserted into the buckle;
  • a release latch which can be depressed to disengage the retractable element from the aperture in order to release the latching tongue from the buckle;
  • a lever lock contained within the buckle and which is pivotable about a shaft;
  • a spring which bears against the lever lock to normally urge it in a downward position;
  • an air bladder positioned underneath the lever lock, said air bladder connected to a pressure source such that it can be inflated upon pressurization from the pressure source; and
  • whereby upon inflation, the air bladder urges the lever lock upwardly, overcoming the downward force of the spring, such that the lever lock either bears against or is positioned a slight distance from the release latch thereby preventing it from being depressed in order to disengage the retractable element from the aperture so that the latching tongue could be removed from the buckle to unlock the seat belt.

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Foreign References: None

Other References:
  • Electrolux Autoliv miscellaneous drawings and specifications for Volvo seat belt mechanism (various dates, including 1983, 1987 and 1988). (6 pages).

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