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Title: US5191258: Electric current generator including torque reducing countermagnetic field
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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6 pages

Inventor: German, James W.; Shepherd, TX 77371

Assignee: None

Published / Filed: 1993-03-02 / 1991-09-11

Application Number: US1991000757548

IPC Code: Advanced: H02K 21/38;
Core: H02K 21/00;
IPC-7: H02K 1/12;

U.S. Class: Current: 310/216.039; 310/046; 310/156.39; 310/168; 310/181; 322/049;
Original: 310/254; 310/046; 310/168; 322/049;

Field of Search: 310/254,113,102 R,46,90,156,192,264,67 A,138,166,153,168 322/046,49,50,51,52,47

Priority Number:
1991-09-11  US1991000757548

Abstract: An alternating electric current generator comprises an armature rotatably carried by a drive shaft and positioned between stabilized, non-moving magnetic elements. The armature has first and second magnetic field transmitting sections with a magnetized section sandwiched therebetween. As electric load is applied to the generator, a countermagnetic field is generated through the armature to increase speed of the drive shaft and thereby lessen torque required to rotate the drive shaft.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Jackson & Walker ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Stephan, Steven L.; To, E. H.

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Family: None

Claim What is claimed and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:     1. An alternating electric current generator, comprising:
  • (1) a housing;
  • (2) a motor activated drive shaft rotated by application of torque;
  • (3) a counter-magnetic field absorbing armature having first and second sides and rotatably carried by said drive shaft, said armature comprising; first and second field transmitting sections at each outboard end on said armature; a central nonmagnetic metal section intermediate said magnetic field transmitting sections; and spacing means positioned between each of said magnetic field transmitting sections and said central nonmagnetic section;
  • (4) a magnet;
  • (5) magnetic means on said first side of said armature secured relative to said housing and having a passageway therethrough for receipt of said drive shaft, said magnetic means providing a magnetic path between said magnet and a field coil;
  • (6) bearing means between said magnetic means and said shaft to permit rotation of said shaft without movement of said magnetic means;
  • (7) field core means on the second said of said armature and fixedly secured relative to said armature for inducing an electric current energizing said armature; said field core means comprising first and second field core sections; a field coil for generating a counter-magnetic field for absorption by the armature and sandwiched between said first and second field core sections; and
  • (8) positive and negative electric current conduit means extending from said field core means for transmitting the generated current, whereby, as load is increased on the field coil, the rotation of the drive shaft will increase and the application of torque to said drive shaft may be decreased.

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  * some details unavailable
Foreign References: None

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