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Title: US5239162: Arc plasma torch having tapered-bore electrode
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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7 pages

Inventor: Haun, Rob E.; Ukiah, CA
Elmer, Neil C.; Potter Valley, CA
Lampson, Robin A.; Ukiah, CA

Assignee: Retech, Inc., Ukiah, CA
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Published / Filed: 1993-08-24 / 1992-01-30

Application Number: US1992000828385

IPC Code: Advanced: B23K 10/00; F27D 11/08; H05H 1/34;
IPC-7: B23K 9/00;

ECLA Code: H05H1/34; T05H1/34T; T05H1/34T18; T05H1/34T28; T05H1/34T32;

U.S. Class: Current: 219/121.52; 219/119; 219/121.51; 219/121.59;
Original: 219/121.52; 219/121.51; 219/121.59; 219/119;

Field of Search: 219/121.52,121.5,121.51,121.48,121.36,75,119

Priority Number:
1992-01-30  US1992000828385

Abstract: An arc plasma torch having a tapered-bore electrode provides a long, columnar plasma arc. The torch includes a torch housing, a tapered-bore electrode, a gas-constricting nozzle, and a swirling gas flow generator. The electrode is mounted within the housing and has a closed inner end and an open outer mouth. The electrode has a longitudinally extending, tapered bore. The bore has its largest dimension at the mouth. The nozzle has a bore and is also mounted within the housing. The nozzle is in axial alignment with, forwardly spaced with respect to and insulated from, the tapered-bore electrode. The torch introduces a swirling flow of gas at a location intermediate the electrode and the gas-constricting nozzle, resulting in gas flowing past the electrode during use of the torch. In operation, an electric arc emanating from the electrode ionizes the gas flow.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Townsend and Townsend Khourie and Crew ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Paschall, Mark H.;

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What is claimed is:     1. A swirl flow arc plasma torch for producing a long plasma arc comprising:
  • a torch housing;
  • an electrode mounted within said housing, having a longitudinally extending axial bore closed at one end and open at another end, a part of the bore adjacent the open end being uniformly tapered, the bore having a diameter at the open end being larger than a diameter of the bore spaced further from the open end, the bore having a length at least twice the diameter at the open end;
  • a nozzle mounted within the housing forwardly of and spaced from the electrode having an opening in axial alignment with the tapered bore, and means for injecting a gas in swirling fashion between the electrode and the nozzle for generating a swirling gas flow through the nozzle opening during use of the torch; and
  • means for generating an electric arc between an interior portion of the tapered electrode bore and a workpiece located on an end of the nozzle remote from the electrode;
  • whereby the swirling gas flow rotates the electric arc coaxially with the tapered electrode bore and the nozzle opening and thereby spins an arc termination point inside the tapered bore about an axis of the bore.

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Foreign References: None

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