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Title: US5277662: System and method of providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride having pivotable bridges
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Country: US United States of America

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11 pages

Inventor: Fox, Richard J.; La Canada, CA
Leasure, Maurice G.; Sun Valley, CA
Kadorian, Gregory S.; Simi Valley, CA
LeBlanc, Douglas R.; Tujunga, CA
Harbaugh, David L.; La Mirada, CA
Poole, James E.; Topanga, CA

Assignee: The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA
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Published / Filed: 1994-01-11 / 1992-07-20

Application Number: US1992000916945

IPC Code: Advanced: A63G 31/02;
IPC-7: G01N 9/00;

ECLA Code: A63G31/02;

U.S. Class: Current: 472/136; 104/035; 104/053; 104/073; 414/590;
Original: 472/136; 104/035; 104/053; 104/073; 414/590;

Field of Search: 104/020,30,31,53,73,82 364/410-412 472/003,2,44,46,47 250/289 414/287,288,589,921 198/321,324

Priority Number:
1992-07-20  US1992000916945
1988-01-11  US1988000141933
1991-06-03  US1991000710518

Abstract:     A method and system is provided for moving passengers in and out of an amusement ride of the type having a passenger cabin capable of movement in multiple degrees of freedom within an enclosure. The cabin includes ingress doors on one side of the cabin and egress doors on the other side to admit and discharge passengers from seats within the cabin. Another set of ingress and egress doors are provided on opposite sides of the enclosure in respective alignment with the ingress and egress doors of the cabin when the cabin is at rest in a loading position. A plurality of ingress and egress platforms, located outside the operating envelope of the cabin when the cabin is in motion, are adapted to be moved to a deployed position when the cabin is in the loading position to connect the ingress and egress doors of the enclosure with the ingress and egress doors of the cabin. In this way, movement of passengers in and out of the cabin, which is spaced from the enclosure, is provided in a rapid and orderly fashion. Control means in the form of a computer also are included for controlling and coordinating the various movements of the doors, platforms and cabin. Restraints in the passenger seats also can be controlled by the computer so that the amusement ride cannot begin until the restraints in each occupied seat are fastened.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Pretty, Schroeder, Brueggemann & Clark ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Friedman, Carl D.; Nguyen, Kien

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Related Applications:
Application Number Filed Patent Pub. Date  Title
US1991000710518 1991-06-03    1992-11-03  Amusement ride having pivotable ingress-egress bridges
US1988000141933 1988-01-11    1991-06-04  System and method of providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride

Parent Case:     This is a continuation of application Ser. No. 710,518, filed Jun. 3, 1991, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,161,104, which is a continuation of application Ser. No. 141,933, filed Jan. 11, 1988, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,021,954.

Designated Country: DE ES FR GB IT 

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First Claim:
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We claim:     1. A system for providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride having a passenger cabin movable within a operating envelope and an enclosure outside the operating envelope, said system comprising:
  • a plurality of first doors arranged on surfaces of said cabin, said doors providing access to ingress and egress paths within said cabin;
  • a plurality of second doors arranged on surfaces of said enclosure, said second doors being substantially in alignment with said first doors when said cabin is in a loading position;
  • a plurality of retractable platforms, each of said platforms comprising a pivotable bridge pivoting between a retracted position outside the operating envelope of said cabin and a deployed position aligned with and connecting said first doors of said cabin and said second doors of said enclosure when said cabin is in said loading position; and
  • control means for controlling and coordinating the opening of said first doors and said second doors and the pivoting of said platforms so as to enable rapid passenger ingress and egress to and from said cabin when said cabin is in said loading position.

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Other Abstract Info: DERABS G89-208521

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