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Title: US5398992: Seat having sound system with acoustic waveguide
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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10 pages

Inventor: Daniels, Drew; North Hills, CA

Assignee: The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA
other patents from WALT DISNEY COMPANY (617665) (approx. 101)
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Published / Filed: 1995-03-21 / 1992-02-05

Application Number: US1992000831700

IPC Code: Advanced: A47C 7/72; A47C 11/00; H04R 1/34; H04R 5/02;
IPC-7: A47C 7/62;

ECLA Code: A47C7/72; A47C11/00; H04R1/34C; H04R5/02B; T04R499/13;

U.S. Class: Current: 297/217.4; 181/192; 297/188.04;
Original: 297/217.4; 181/192; 297/188.04;

Field of Search: 297/217,186,194,191 181/192,195

Priority Number:
1992-02-05  US1992000831700

Abstract:     A seat having an acoustic waveguide for conveying sound from a remotely mounted loudspeaker to a location in close proximity to an occupant's ears is disclosed. The seat comprises a horizontal seating member upon which an occupant may sit and a loudspeaker located under the seating member for generating sound to be conveyed to the occupant's ears. A back rest member extends upwardly from the seating member and comprises an acoustic waveguide coupled to the loudspeaker for conveying sound to the occupant. The waveguide terminates at an upper location such that a virtual sound source is located in close proximity to the occupant's ears. In its present form, the seat has special application in the amusement ride industry where the conveyance of intelligible sound to occupants may be difficult in view of the noisy environment in which such amusement rides tend to operate. Multiple loudspeakers in combination with specially shaped waveguides may be employed to convey stereo sound to multiple occupants.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Pretty, Schroeder, Brueggemann & Clark ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Kannan, Philip C.;

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I claim:     1. A seat, comprising:
  • a substantially horizontal seating member upon which an occupant may sit;
  • a sound source for generating sound to be conveyed to the occupant's ears; and
  • a back rest member connected to and extending upwardly from the seating member for direct contact with the occupant, wherein the back rest member comprises an acoustic waveguide, comprising a front back rest member, a rear back rest member, and a pair of flared side members extending substantially between the front back rest member and the rear back rest member, the flared side members being spaced apart from each other by a relatively small distance to form a narrow base coupled to the sound source, and by a progressively wider distance as the side members extend away from the sound source to define an aperture in close proximity to the occupant's ears, and wherein the cross-sectional area of the waveguide is substantially constant in the axial direction from the narrow base to the aperture, such that a virtual sound source is located in close proximity to the occupant's ears.

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Foreign References: None

Other Abstract Info: DERABS G93-272461

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