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Country: US United States of America

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Inventor: DE Brunyn, Jr., Kops Paul F.; Orinda, CA
Rivers, Victor J.; San Leandro, CA

Assignee: Pemko Manufacturing Co.
other patents from PEMKO MANUFACTURING CO. (433610) (approx. 10)
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Published / Filed: 1972-04-04 / 1970-04-03

Application Number: US1970000025431

IPC Code: Advanced: E06B 7/20;
Core: E06B 7/18;
IPC-7: E06B 7/20;

U.S. Class: Current: 049/313; 049/368;
Original: 049/313; 049/368;

Field of Search: 049/368,367,303,310,311,313,314 016/192,180

Priority Number:
1970-04-03  US1970000025431

Abstract: An astragal for covering the vertical seam between a pair of double doors, said astragal having a hinge portion secured to one of said doors along the seam with a leaf portion rotatably secured to the hinge portion and spring loaded and cam actuated to automatically cover and uncover the seam when either of the doors is opened or closed.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Bruce & McCoy ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Downey, Kenneth;

Family: None

First Claim:
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We claim:     1. A double door astragal for covering the seam between a pair of abutting doors both of which can only be opened inward from the closed position, said astragal comprising
  • a hinge member secured to the first of said doors on the outward side thereof along the edge of said door forming said seam, said member including a generally semi-circular hood portion extending generally the length of said member,
  • a leaf member having a generally circular bearing portion disposed in partially rotatable captured relation within the hood portion of said hinge member, said bearing portion of said leaf member including a longitudinal slot extending for at least a portion of the length thereof, said leaf member being rotatable between a closed position covering said seam and an open position to permit said leaf member to clear the second of said doors when said first door is opened,
  • at least one cam secured at one end of the door seam to either the floor or the door header or both and having a curved striker portion to cause at least a portion of one end of said leaf member to slide along said curved portion and rotate said leaf member from the open to the closed position when said first door is closed; and
  • a torsion spring disposed in the longitudinal slot of the bearing portion of said leaf member and engaging said hinge and leaf member and urging the leaf member toward an open position, said torsion spring comprising an elongated body portion having substantially diametrically opposed terminal hook portions, said elongated body portion extending lengthwise in said longitudinal slot and covered by said hood portion, one terminal hook portion extending through an aperture extending through said circular bearing and communicating with said slot, the other hook portion projecting through the circular bearing and abuttingly engaging a slot at one side of said hood, said elongated body portion of said spring being under constant torsion and normally urging said hinge and leaf members into angular relation, said terminal hook portions preventing relative longitudinal movement between said hinge and leaf members.

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Get PDF - 4pp US1918865* 1933-07 Purdy    
Get PDF - 5pp US3131441* 1964-05 Cornell    
Get PDF - 3pp US251591* 1881-12 Jaeger    
  * some details unavailable
Foreign References: None

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