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Title: US4328436: Optimally loaded electrohydrodynamic power generator
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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5 pages

Inventor: Biblarz, Oscar; Carmel, CA
Gawain, Theodore H.; Carmel, CA

Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC
other patents from UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NAVY (597270) (approx. 13,239)
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Published / Filed: 1982-05-04 / 1980-03-10

Application Number: US1980000128593

IPC Code: Advanced: H02N 3/00;
Core: more...
IPC-7: H02K 45/00;

ECLA Code: H02N3/00;

U.S. Class: Current: 310/011; 096/027;
Original: 310/011;

Field of Search: 310/010,11,308,309

Priority Number:
1980-03-10  US1980000128593

Abstract:     An optimally loaded electrohydrodynamic power generator which provides a uniform maximum loading throughout an EHD conversion channel. The channel between the injector and collector is in the form of a slender, converging-diverging nozzle of a shape defined by the following pair of parametric equations: <IMAGE> <IMAGE> where r=nozzle radius at station z, r1=nozzle radius at throat, gamma =ratio of specific heats, M=Mach number at station z, lambda =characteristic length, z=axial coordinate.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Beers, R. F. ; Curry, Charles D. B. ; Gray, Francis I. ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Duggan, Donovan F.;

Family: None

Claim What is claimed is:     1. In an electrohydrodynamic power generator of the type having an injector located upstream of the input to a conversion channel for injecting charged particles into a fluid stream to form a charged aerosol flow through said conversion channel, a collector located downstream of said injector to remove said charged particles and an electric field impressed across said conversion channel which opposes the fluid motion, the improvement being a converging-diverging conversion channel wherein the section of said channel downstream from the injector has the geometric shape defined by the pair of parametric equations: [Figure] where r=radius at axial location z,
  • r1 =radius at nozzle throat,
  • .lambda.=longitudinal characteristic length for the fluid stream,
  • γ=ratio of specific heats,
  • M=Mach number at axial location z, and
  • z=axial coordinate.

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Patent  Pub.Date  Inventor Assignee   Title
Get PDF - 4pp US3201622* 1965-08 Thring    
Get PDF - 16pp US3417267  1968-12 Marks   Heat-electrical power interconversion devices
Get PDF - 8pp US3524086  1970-08 Lindley   MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMIC APPARATUS
Get PDF - 7pp US3736447  1973-05 Zauderer  General Electric Company UNIFORM IONIZATION MEANS FOR MHD GENERATORS
Get PDF - 7pp US3811057  1974-05 Brown  United Aircraft Corporation NONEQUILIBRIUM MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMIC DEVICE
  * some details unavailable
Foreign References: None

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