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Title: US4335762: Log splitter attachment for garden tiller
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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Inventor: Reaume, Leonard V.; Natchez Trace Village, MS
Hall, James O.; Jackson, MS

Assignee: Magna American Corporation, Raymond, MS
other patents from MAGNA AMERICAN CORPORATION (348335) (approx. 3)
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Published / Filed: 1982-06-22 / 1978-12-06

Application Number: US1978000966853

IPC Code: Advanced: B27L 7/04;
Core: B27L 7/00;
IPC-7: B27L 7/00;

ECLA Code: B27L7/04;

U.S. Class: Current: 144/194; 074/011; 144/193.1; 172/125; 172/247; 180/053.3; 180/053.6;
Original: 144/194; 074/011; 144/193.R; 172/125; 172/247; 180/053.FE; 180/053.C;

Field of Search: 172/014,42,43,125,247,292 180/53 R,53 WA,19,198,53 FE,53 C 144/193 R,194 074/013,15,15.6,15.63,11

Priority Number:
1978-12-06  US1978000966853

Abstract:     This invention resides in a log splitter attachment for garden tiller, a unique bearing arrangement for same, and the combination of a garden tiller and such an attachment. The attachment includes a rigid ground engaging base frame having means thereon to support the tiller tine shaft of a garden tiller and a log to be split. Preferably the base frame will also support the garden tiller itself when used with the log splitter attachment. An auger is provided and is mounted on a shaft adapted to slip over one end of the tiller tine shaft. The auger shaft is secured to the tiller tine shaft and supported in a bearing member which is affixed to the base frame. The other end of the tine shaft is engaged within a spacer located in a corresponding bearing member and the spacer is attached to the tine shaft. Preferably the bearing members for the tine shaft are slotted just enough to receive the tine shaft but not the auger shaft or spacer; these enter the bearing member axially thereof and cannot pass through the slots. The auger extends to one side of the base frame. A log holding member is fastened to the base frame and extends to the same side as the auger, being spaced from but parallel to such auger. When the tiller motor is actuated so as to drive the tiller tine shaft, the auger and auger shaft will rotate therewith. The operator then moves a log, supported at one end on the log support, into contact with the auger whereafter the auger screws itself into the log to split it open.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Frost & Jacobs ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Bray, W. D.;

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What we claim is:     1. A log splitter attachment for a garden tiller and the like, said log splitter attachment comprising: a rigid support assembly including a substantially horizontal ground engaging base frame, a first vertical support member affixed to said base frame, a tiller tine shaft receiving bearing member mounted adjacent the upper end of said first vertical support member, a second vertical support member affixed to said base frame and spaced from said first vertical support member, and a support bar receiving member mounted adjacent the upper end of said second vertical support member; a screw assembly including an auger shaft and an auger affixed thereto, said auger shaft being adapted to engage a said tiller tine shaft received in said tiller tine shaft receiving bearing member and to be rotatable therewith; and an elongated support bar for receiving a log to be split thereon, one end of said support bar being adapted to be received by said support bar receiving member, and a ground engaging stand to receive the other end of said support bar; said auger shaft and said support bar being substantially parallel to one another; whereby when one end of said log is rested on said support bar and said log is moved into engagement with said auger when said auger and said auger shaft are being rotated by engagement of said auger shaft with said tiller tine shaft, said auger will screw itself into said log until said log splits open.

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Foreign References: None

Other References:
  • Most Machine for Your Money, Roto-Hoe & Sprayer Co., p. 13, "The Roto-Buzz Saw"; 1954.

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