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Title: US4843716: Canape maker
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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9 pages

Inventor: Lutzker, Robert S.; East Williston, NY

Assignee: L.K. Manufacturing Corp., West Babylon, NY
other patents from LK MANUFACTURING CORPORATION (340360) (approx. 3)
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Published / Filed: 1989-07-04 / 1980-11-24

Application Number: US1980000209469

IPC Code: Advanced: A21C 11/10; A22C 17/00; A23G 3/02; A23G 3/20; A23G 9/28; A47J 43/20; A47J 43/28; B26B 27/00; B26F 1/38;
IPC-7: B26B 27/00;

ECLA Code: B26F1/38C; A21C11/10; A22C17/00F; A23G3/02M; A23G3/20F; A23G9/28F; A23G9/28H; A47J43/20; B26B27/00;

U.S. Class: Current: 030/130; 030/316;
Original: 030/130; 030/316;

Field of Search: 030/130,301,316,128 017/032

Priority Number:
1980-11-24  US1980000209469

Abstract:     A food shaping cutter for making canapes, hors d'oeuvres and the like having an elongated hollow body with a tapered cutting edge and a piston within said body for ejecting cut food therefrom.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Kane, Dalsimer, Sullivan, Kurucz, Levy, Eisele and Richard ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Yost, Frank T.; Folkerts, Michael D.

Family: None

First Claim:
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I claim:     1. A canape maker comprising the combination:
  • a hollow tubular body having an open forward end and a closed rear end and a bore therein, a tapered cutting edge on the exterior of the body at the forward end by tapering the exterior surface of the body forwardly into the inside surface of the body to prevent cut food from jamming the canape maker during use;
  • a piston slidably mounted within the bore, the piston having a finger actuated stem extending through the closed end, a handle attached to the stem for moving the piston longitudinally within the hollow body, and the piston having a central aperture extending therein;
  • whereby the forward end of the tubular body is adapted to cut layers for purposes of making a canape during which cutting operation the piston is moved rearwardly within the bore, whereupon when the desired number of layers constituting the canape are within the bore, a toothpick or the like is adapted to be inserted through these layers in the bore into the aperture in the piston to assure retention of all of the layers of the canape as a unit when the canape together with the toothpick is removed from the bore by pushing the piston forwardly towards the open end;
  • the rear closed end of the tubular body including means for facilitating the disassembly of the piston from the tubular body for cleaning purposes, the disassembly means including a cap having a bore therethrough for extending across the rear end of the tubular body to form the closed end, the stem of the piston extending through the cap bore and being slidable therein with the piston, stem and handle being attached to the cap in a manner to prevent disassembly therefrom; and
  • the interior of the tubular body defining the bore being tapered uniformly with increased diameter from the forward end to the rear end to permit slight radial expansion of the layers after cutting and after being moved rearwardly within the bore and the cut layers of the canape collected in the body will not emerge without urging of the piston.

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Foreign References: None

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