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Title: US5656173: Method of removing dispersed oil from an oil in water emulsion employing aerated solutions within a coalescing media
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Country: US United States of America

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17 pages

Inventor: Jordan, James Michael; Tulsa, OK
Denton, Thomas James; Houston, TX

Assignee: National Tank Company, Houston, TX
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Published / Filed: 1997-08-12 / 1996-03-05

Application Number: US1996000611413

IPC Code: Advanced: B01D 17/02; B01D 17/035; B01D 17/04; C02F 1/24; C02F 1/28; C02F 1/40;
Subclass: C02F;
B01D 17/28
B01D 17/35;
C02F 1/24;
C02F 1/28;

ECLA Code: B03D1/14D; B01D17/02D; B03D1/24; C02F1/24; M02F1/40; M02F101/32; M02F101/32E;

U.S. Class: Current: 210/703; 210/221.2; 210/521; 210/708; 210/712; 210/802; 210/804; 210/DIG.005;
Original: 210/703; 210/708; 210/712; 210/802; 210/804; 210/221.2; 210/521; 210/DIG.5;

Field of Search: 210/703,708,802,804,221.2,259,521,522,DIG. 5,712

Priority Number:
1996-03-05  US1996000611413

Abstract:     A method of removing dispersed oil from an oil in water emulsion is accomplished by the steps of dissolving gas in water to form an aerated solution, introducing the emulsion and aerated solution into a treatment vessel in which is positioned a coalescing media formed by an assembly of closely spaced corrugated plates of oleophilic material, the emulsion and aerated solution passing in contact with the plates to cause oil droplets to coalescence on the plates and small gas bubbles carried with the aerated solution to adhere to the oil droplets to increase the buoyancy of the oil droplets so that the oil droplets more readily rise to the surface of the emulsion, accumulated oil being removed from the surface.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Head, Johnson & Kachigian ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Lithgow, Thomas M.;

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What is claimed:     1. A method of removing dispersed oil from an oil in water emulsion comprising the steps of:
  • (a) entraining gas in water to form an aerated mixture;
  • (b) introducing said emulsion into a treatment vessel having a divider therein extending upwardly from the bottom of the vessel separating the vessel into a first and second compartment, the emulsion passing into the first compartment in which is positioned a first assembly of closely spaced matrix plates formed of oleophilic material, the emulsion passing in contact with said matrix plates;
  • (c) introducing said aerated mixture into said treatment vessel to intermingle with said emulsion as the emulsion passes in contact with said matrix plates to cause oil droplets to coalesce on said matrix plates and small gas bubbles from said aerated mixture to adhere to said oil droplets to cause said oil droplets to more readily rise in said emulsion;
  • (d) maintaining a liquid level within said vessel, said oil droplets rising to the surface of the liquid;
  • (e) extracting oil that accumulates on the surface of the liquid from said vessel; and
  • (f) removing water that flows over an upper edge of said divider into said second compartment of the vessel, and through a second assembly of matrix plates, the water being removed from said second compartment and having a substantial portion of the oil removed therefrom.

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