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Title: EP0181473A1: Components for cartridge for hunting, shooting purposes and the like of photodegradable synthetic plastic material[German][French]
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EP European Patent Office (EPO)

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19 pages

Inventor: Fiocchi, Giuseppe;

Assignee: Fiocchi Munizioni Spa
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Published / Filed: 1986-05-21 / 1985-09-27

Application Number: EP1985000112268

IPC Code: Advanced: C08K 5/00; F42B 5/30;
IPC-7: C08K 5/00; F42B 5/30;

ECLA Code: F42B5/30; C08K5/00P3;

Priority Number:
1984-10-31  IT1984000023417

Abstract:     Tubular body of a cartridge case for cartridge for hunting, shooting purposes and the like, constituted by a photodegradable polymeric composition comprisring polyethylene of density 0.930 - 0.960, and a photoactivator represented by at least a ferric salt selected among FE(III)-stearate, Fe(III)-dibutyl-dithiocarbamate, Fe(III)-acetylacetonate and Fe(III)-naphthenate, said photactivator being in amounts of from 6 to 300 ppm, expressed as Fe relatively to said composition, the same photoactivator allowing the physical-mechanical characteristics of said polyethylene, as well as the apparatus and the operating conditions of the manufacturing process of said tubular body to be kept substantially unaltered. Cartridge for hunting, shooting purposes and the like, with tubular body as described above and moreover provided with ancillary components (base wad and/or launch wad) constituted by photodegradable synthetic plastic material.

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Patent  Pub.Date  Inventor Assignee   Title
Buy PDF- 11pp US7810432  2010-10-12 Stevens; Henry  Pvaxx Research and Development Limited Projectile cartridge wad
Get PDF - 5pp DE19721460B4  2006-04-27 Maucourt, Jacques, Vert le Petit, FR  SNPE Matériaux Energétiques Durch biologische Mechanismen vollständig abbaubare Materialien zur Herstellung von Patronen für Jagd- und Schießzwecke
Buy PDF- 5pp US6101949  2000-08-15 Maucourt; Jacques  Societe Nationale des Poudres et Explosifs Non-toxic composite projectiles having a biodegradable polymeric matrix for hunting or shooting cartridges
Buy PDF- 3pp US5549048  1996-08-27 Godfrey-Phillips; Arthur H.  The Kent Cartridge Manufacturing Company Limited Biodegradable shot-gun cartridge case
Buy PDF- 4pp US5263417  1993-11-23 Godfrey-Phillips; Arthur H.  The Kent Cartridge Manufacturing Company Limited Shot gun cartridges
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