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Title: EP0334609B1: Breakaway electrical connector[German][French]
[ Derwent Title ]

EP European Patent Office (EPO)
B1 PATENT SPECIFICATION i (See also: EP0334609A1 )

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27 pages

Inventor: Meller, Andrew Graham;
Baker, Robert William;

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Published / Filed: 1994-06-15 / 1989-03-21

Application Number: EP1989000302800

IPC Code: Advanced: H01R 13/635;
Core: H01R 13/633;
IPC-7: H01R 13/629;
H01R 13/635;

ECLA Code: H01R13/635;

Priority Number:
1988-03-24  GB1988000007006
1988-11-15  GB1988000026629

Abstract: [From equivalent  EP0334609A1]     An electrical breakaway connector for such uses as with aircraft pilot's helmets includes a mounting fixture (140) to mount the connector to the base of the aircraft. The electrical connector includes data and power contacts within a dielectric housing (30, 60) of the electrical connector, surrounded by a rigid metallic shell (4) which forms an outer housing. The metallic shell includes at the mounting end thereof a swivel joint defined by a ball and socket (140) arrangement which allows the entire connector to swivel and to align itself with a discharge angle of the cable of the mating connector during quick disconnect thereby allowing a smooth release of the two mated connectors.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Warren, Keith Stanley ;

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Designated Country: DE FR GB

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    1. A breakaway electrical connector (2) for quick disconnection from a mating electrical connector (250) along a disconnection axis, the breakaway connector (2) comprising a housing (4) having secured therein electrical terminals (160, 190) for mating with electrical terminals (320, 330) of the mating connector (250) and means (120, 140) for mounting the housing (4) to a base so that the housing (4) is movable with respect thereto, said mounting means including means (120, 140) to allow the breakaway connector (2) to swivel, thereby aligning a longitudinal axis of the breakaway connector (2) with said disconnection axis; characterized in that said swivel means (120, 140) includes means (126, 143, 144, 146, 150, 450) to resiliently bias the connector (2) into a predetermined position.
[German] [French]

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    The present invention relates to an electrical breakaway connector having improved release characteristics.

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Other Abstract Info: DERABS G89-279936

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