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Title: US5561736: Three dimensional speech synthesis
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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12 pages

Inventor: Moore, Daniel J.; Austin, TX
Farrett, Peter W.; Austin, TX

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY
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Published / Filed: 1996-10-01 / 1993-06-04

Application Number: US1993000073365

IPC Code: Advanced: G10L 13/00; G10L 13/02; G10L 13/04;
Core: more...
IPC-7: G10L 3/00; G10L 5/02; G10L 9/00;

ECLA Code: G10L13/02;

U.S. Class: Current: 704/260; 704/272; 704/277; 704/278; 704/E13.002;
Original: 395/002.69; 395/002.81; 395/002.87; 395/002.86;

Field of Search: 395/2.67,2,2.86,2.12,2.79,2.81,2.87 381/051,52,17

Priority Number:
1993-06-04  US1993000073365

Abstract:     Method, product and system alters audio data for a synthesized voice so that when it is produced on a speaker system, it appears to emanate from a spatial position. First, the voice is synthesized into a speech waveform from a set of stored data representative of a text string using standard techniques. The speech waveform is converted into analog signals for a right and left channel. According to the invention, the analog signals to the right and left channels are altered according to position data stored with the text string so that the synthesized voice appears to originate at the apparent spatial position when the analog signals are sent to a speaker system.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: LaBaw, Jeffrey S. ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: MacDonald, Allen R.; Dorvil, Richemond

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Designated Country: DE FR GB 

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First Claim:
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We claim:     1. A method for providing an apparent spatial position to speech synthesis by a computer system, comprising the steps of:
  • storing a speech file containing text and position data in a computer memory;
  • synthesizing a speech waveform from the text data in the speech file, the speech waveform being of a synthesized human voice reciting words contained in the text data;
  • converting the speech waveform into analog signals for a right and a left channel; and
  • altering the analog signals according to the position data in the speech file so that the synthesized voice appears to originate at the apparent spatial position when the analog signals are sent to a speaker system.

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Foreign References:
Publication Date IPC Code Assignee   Title
Get PDF - 18pp EP0057854 1982-08  H04M 1/64 Neumann Elektronik GmbH Automatic telephone answering machine 
  EP3205886A1 1983-09  H04M 1/64    

Other Abstract Info: DERABS G95-008245

Other References:
  • Teleconferencing Using Stereo Voice and an Electronic OHP Nunokawa, IEEE Dec. 1988.
  • Audio-Enabled Graphical User Interface for The Blind or Visually Impaired McKiel Jr. IEEE/Feb. 1992.

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