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Title: US5899973: Method and apparatus for adapting the language model's size in a speech recognition system
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Country: US United States of America

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9 pages

Inventor: Bandara, Upali; Leimen, Germany
Kunzmann, Siegfried; Heidelberg, Germany
Mohr, Karlheinz; Sinsheim, Germany
Lewis, Burn L.; Ossining, NY

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY
other patents from INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (280070) (approx. 44,393)
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Published / Filed: 1999-05-04 / 1997-09-25

Application Number: US1997000860192

IPC Code: Advanced: G10L 15/197; G10L 15/183;
IPC-7: G10L 9/00;

ECLA Code: G10L15/197; S10L15/183;

U.S. Class: Current: 704/256.2; 704/238; 704/248; 704/257; 704/E15.023;
Original: 704/256; 704/257; 704/248; 704/238;

Field of Search: 704/256,257,246,238

Priority Number:
1995-11-04  WO1995EP0004337

Abstract:     PCT No. PCT/EP95/04337 Sec. 371 Date Sep. 25, 1997 Sec. 102(e) Date Sep. 25, 1997 PCT Filed Nov. 4, 1995 PCT Pub. No. WO97/17694 PCT Pub. Date May 15, 1997In this speech recognition system, the size of the language model is reduced by discarding those n-grams that the acoustic part of the system can recognize most accurately without support from a language model. The n-grams can be discarded dynamically during the running of the system or during the build or setup-time of the system. Trigrams occurring infrequently in the text corpora are substituted for the discarded n-grams to increase the accuracy of the word recognitions.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Tassinari, Jr., Robert P. ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Hudspeth, David R.; Wieland, Susan

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We claim:     1. For use in a speech recognition device or system a method comprising the steps of:
  • a) using an acoustic match for analyzing acoustic speech signals and delivering respective word candidates;
  • b) using a language model match for determining for each of the word candidates a language model based probability that the respective word candidate follows the words which have already been recognized; and
  • c) limiting the size of the language model, used in the language model match by:
    • i) providing acoustic distance values that measure the accuracy of the acoustic matches for the words contained in the language model;
    • ii) defining a threshold value for the acoustic distance values to identify words where the acoustic match exceeds a selected level;
    • iii) identifying the words in the language model for which the acoustic distance values surpass the threshold value; and
    • iv) providing only words that do not exceed the threshold value in the language model.

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PCT Number: PCT/EP95/04337    WO9717694

PCT Pub./Filed Dates: 1997-05-15 / 1995-11-04

§ 371 / 102(e) Dates: 1997-09-25 / 1997-09-25

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Get PDF - 11pp US5127043  1992-06 Hunt et al.  VCS Industries, Inc. Simultaneous speaker-independent voice recognition and verification over a telephone network
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Get PDF - 18pp US5710866  1998-01 Alleva et al.  Microsoft Corporation System and method for speech recognition using dynamically adjusted confidence measure
Foreign References: None

Other Abstract Info: DERABS G1997-281213

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