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Title: US5909667: Method and apparatus for fast voice selection of error words in dictated text
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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20 pages

Inventor: Leontiades, Kyriakos; Boca Raton, FL
Coe, Kris; Lighthouse Point, FL

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY
other patents from INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (280070) (approx. 44,393)
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Published / Filed: 1999-06-01 / 1997-03-05

Application Number: US1997000812387

IPC Code: Advanced: G06F 3/16; G10L 15/22;
IPC-7: G10L 5/06;

ECLA Code: G06F3/16; G10L15/22;

U.S. Class: Current: 704/275; 704/235; 704/251; 704/E15.04;
Original: 704/275; 704/251; 704/235;

Field of Search: 704/235,251,275

Priority Number:
1997-03-05  US1997000812387

Abstract:     A computer voice operated dictations system having a text editing mode provided for editing dictated text. The text editing mode navigates a user through the dictated text by highlighting a correction window comprised of a plurality of words comprising a portion of the text. The correction window is comprised of "m" words and the value of m is preferably determined, based upon the voice recognition capabilities of a particular voice recognition engine associated with the dictation system. The greater the ability of the speech recognition engine to recognize and distinguish spoken words, the larger the value of m. A correction vocabulary is defined which consists of the plurality of words which are contained within the correction window and a plurality of correction commands. The voice recognition computer dictation system is configured for processing a spoken utterance which corresponds to an error word contained within the plurality of words highlighted in the correction window is processed. When the error word is spoken by a user it uniquely identifies the word which is to be edited. Thereafter, the error word can be immediately corrected by the user articulating a further voice command.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Quarles & Brady ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Hudspeth, David R.; Sax, Robert Louis

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Family: None

First Claim:
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We claim:     1. In a computer system (20) having an operating system (24), a memory (27), and processing means (26, 28) for receiving spoken words and converting said spoken words to words for storage in said memory (27) and for display on a visual display (32), a method for voice-activated correction of text, said method comprising:
  • (a) storing in said memory (27) a plurality of words (60) corresponding to said spoken words which are enabled for correction by voice activation, alternate word lists containing alternate words which are also likely matches for each spoken word, and a plurality of correction commands;
  • (b) displaying one or more of the words (60) enabled for correction in a first demarcated correction region (130) on the visual display (32) in response to one of said plurality of correction commands being spoken by a user, said demarcated correction region identifying words which are available for a user to say and correct;
  • (c) receiving and identifying in the processing means (26, 28), an error word (132) spoken by a user and matching said spoken error word to a word which exists in said demarcated correction region;
  • (d) operating said processing means (26, 28) to retrieve from said memory (27) and to display on said visual display (32), one or more alternate words (136) from said alternate word list for said error word as potential replacements for said error word (132);
  • (e) receiving and identifying in the processing means (26, 28) a second one of said plurality of correction commands, in response to said second one of said plurality of correction commands (136, 138) being spoken by a user; and
  • wherein the processing means (26, 28) is responsive to said second one of said plurality of correction commands to correct the error word on the visual display.

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Foreign References:
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Other Abstract Info: DERABS G1999-393933 DERABS G1999-393933

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