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Title: US6163776: System and method for exchanging data and commands between an object oriented system and relational system
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Country: US United States of America

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41 pages

Inventor: Periwal, Damodar D.; Campbell, CA

Assignee: Software Tree, Inc., San Jose, CA
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Published / Filed: 2000-12-19 / 1998-03-23

Application Number: US1998000046779

IPC Code: Advanced: G06F 17/30;
IPC-7: G06F 17/30;

ECLA Code: G06F17/30S8T;

U.S. Class: Current: 001/001; 707/999.004; 707/999.006; 707/999.101; 707/999.103;
Original: 707/004; 707/006; 707/101; 707/103;

Field of Search: 707/002,3,4,101,103,6 345/335,968,333,349 395/702 711/001,100 364/280,4

Priority Number:
1998-03-23  US1998000046779

Abstract:     A system for exchanging data and commands between an object oriented system and a relational system. The system includes an +E,uns O+EE bject-+E,uns R+EE elational +E,uns M+EE apping (ORM) grammar, an ORM specification, Object Class Definitions, a relational database, an operating system, a Database Exchange Unit including an OR mapping unit, a schema generator, a schema reverse engineering unit and applications. The ORM specification is based on the ORM grammar and includes information for defining the mapping between object-oriented system and the relational system. The Object Class Definitions define the object-oriented system, and the relational database defines the relational system. The Database Exchange Unit executes in accordance with the ORM specification, and is the programs/routines that operate to translate data from the object model to the relational model, and vice versa. The present invention further comprises a number of methods including: a method for generating a ORM Data Structures; a method for generating a mapping unit; a method for generating a schema from an object model and an object-relational mapping specification; a method for generating an Object Class Definitions and an ORM specification from an ORM template specification and database schema; and a method for object streaming, and methods for efficient generation of persistently unique sequence numbers for new objects.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Fenwick & West LLP ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Amsbury, Wayne; Havan, Thu-Thao

Maintenance Status: C1 Re-examined

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Family: None

First Claim:
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What is claimed is:     1. A system for exchanging data between an object-oriented system and a relational system having tables defining a relational model, the system comprising:
  • at least one object class definition defining an object model;
  • an object relational mapping data structure defining a mapping between the object model and the relational model, the object relational mapping data structure produced from a declarative ORM Specification based on an ORM grammar;
  • an exchange unit for translating data from the object model to the relational model and for translating data from the relational model to the object model.

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Foreign References: None

Other Abstract Info: DERABS G2001-210082

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