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Title: US6233560: Method and apparatus for presenting proximal feedback in voice command systems
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Country: US United States of America

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10 pages

Inventor: Tannenbaum, Alan Richard; Austin, TX

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY
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Published / Filed: 2001-05-15 / 1998-12-16

Application Number: US1998000213857

IPC Code: Advanced: G06F 3/14; G06F 3/16; G06F 15/00; G10L 15/00; G10L 15/22; G10L 15/28;
IPC-7: G06F 3/16; G10L 15/22;

ECLA Code: G06F3/16U; G10L15/22;

U.S. Class: Current: 704/275; 704/E15.04; 715/700; 715/808;
Original: 704/275; 345/347;

Field of Search: 704/275 345/347

Priority Number:
1998-12-16  US1998000213857

Abstract:     In a voice actuated computer system voice command from an end user relevant to or promoted from a discrete location on a display screen are analyzed by the system. In response, a confirmation area is displayed on the screen at a location functionally related to the analyzed contents and context of the voice input or the screen location the utterance was prompted from. Within the confirmation area the computer interpretation of the utterance is displayed persisting and dissolving at selectively adjustable rates and times. Display of the recognized utterance is thereby placed in a confirmation area at variable locations where the user's focus is likely to be. Distractions are avoided associated with a fixed location confirmation area which obscures other content on the display screen and/or destroys end-user focus by requiring the eyes to shift from a location of current interest on the display screen to a different location wherein the confirmation is displayed. Persistence and dissolution time of the confirmation area and associated analyzed voice command displayed therein may vary automatically as a function of the degree of confidence of the voice recognition system that the command was accurately analyzed, and correctly recognized commands are automatically executed after display in the confirmation window.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Carwell, Robert M. ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Smits, Talivadis I.;

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Parent Case:

    The present application is related to the following applications: (1) application Ser. No. 09/213,856, filed Dec. 17, 1998, entitled "Speech Command Input Recognition System for Interactive Computer Display With Interpretation of Ancillary Relevant Speech Query, Terms Into Commands" (IBM Docket AT9-98-343); (2) application Ser. No. 09/213,858, filed Dec. 17, 1998, entitled "Speech Command Input Recognition System for Interactive Computer Display With Means for Concurrent and Modeless Distinguishing Between Speech Commands and Speech Queries for Locating Commands" (IBM Docket AT9-98-344); (3) application Ser. No. 09/213,846, filed Dec. 17, 1998, entitled "Speech Command Input Recognition System for Interactive Computer Display with Speech Controlled Display of Recognized Commands", (IBM Docket AT9-98-341); (4) application Ser. No. 09/213,845, filed Dec. 17, 1998, entitled "Speech Command Input Recognition System for Interactive Computer Controller Display with Speech Controller Display of Recognized Commands" (IBM Docket AT9-98-342). All of the above are assigned to a common assignee and filed on the same day as the present patent application.

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First Claim:
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What is claimed is:     1. A method for presenting feedback on a display in a voice command recognition computer system executing a voice recognition application, comprising:
  • recognizing a speech command;
  • selecting one of a plurality of positions on said display as a function of said recognized speech command;
  • displaying feedback at a confirmation area proximal to said one of said positions and corresponding to said command;
  • extinguishing said feedback at a time after said displaying;
  • automatically executing said command after said displaying; and
  • wherein timing of said extinguishing is dynamically selected and wherein said feedback is selected from a group comprising a color change, animation, message, or reducing image on said display.

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Foreign References: None

Other Abstract Info: DERABS G2000-519351

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