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Title: US6324499: Noise recognizer for speech recognition systems
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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10 pages

Inventor: Lewis, James R.; Delray Beach, FL
Ballard, Barbara; Kansas City, MO

Assignee: International Business Machines Corp., Armonk, NY
other patents from INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION (280070) (approx. 44,393)
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Published / Filed: 2001-11-27 / 1999-03-08

Application Number: US1999000264122

IPC Code: Advanced: G10L 15/26; G10L 15/22;
IPC-7: G10L 15/26;

ECLA Code: G10L15/26;

U.S. Class: Current: 704/233; 704/235; 704/E15.043;
Original: 703/233; 704/235;

Field of Search: 704/233,200,246,251,257,235,256,255,226,227,228

Priority Number:
1999-03-08  US1999000264122

Abstract:     A method and system for responding to randomly occurring noise in a voice recognition application program. The system receives an audio signal representative of sound in an audio environment and processes the audio signal to identify certain non-speech sounds. A pre-defined action is performed in response to the non-speech sound which has been identified. The pre-defined action is selected from the group consisting of disabling a microphone source of the audio signal, suspending further processing of the audio signal by the speech recognition system, executing a user-defined macro, and ignoring the sound. The system may perform additional steps including recording a sound which is to be identified as a non-speech sound and assigning one of the pre-defined actions to be performed in response when the non-speech sound has been identified.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Akerman Senterfitt ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Dorvil, Richemond;

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Family: None

First Claim:
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What is claimed is:     1. In a speech recognition system, a method for responding to randomly occurring environmental and personal noises, comprising the steps of:
  • identifying and recording at least one randomly occurring noise selected from the group consisting of environmental and personal noises;
  • mapping said at least one identified and recorded randomly occurring noise to a pre-defined action; and,
  • in response to receiving a randomly occurring noise which has been mapped to a pre-defined action, performing said pre-defined action.

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Patent  Pub.Date  Inventor Assignee   Title
Get PDF - 14pp US5764852  1998-06 Williams  International Business Machines Corporation Method and apparatus for speech recognition for distinguishing non-speech audio input events from speech audio input events
Get PDF - 14pp US5905971  1999-05 Hovel  British Telecommunications public limited company Automatic speech recognition
Get PDF - 9pp US5970446  1999-10 Goldberg et al.  AT&T Corp Selective noise/channel/coding models and recognizers for automatic speech recognition
Get PDF - 14pp US6067514  2000-05 Chen  International Business Machines Corporation Method for automatically punctuating a speech utterance in a continuous speech recognition system
Get PDF - 12pp US6076059  2000-06 Glickman et al.  Digital Equipment Corporation Method for aligning text with audio signals
Foreign References: None

Other References:
  • ICASSP 91. 1991 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. Rose et al., "Robust speaker identification in noisy environments using noise adaptive speaker models" pp. 401-404. May 1991.

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