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Title: US6379411: Two stroke engine exhaust emissions separator
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America

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17 pages

Inventor: Turner, Terry D.; Ammon, ID
Wilding, Bruce M.; Idaho Falls, ID
McKellar, Michael G.; Idaho Falls, ID
Raterman, Kevin T.; Idaho Falls, ID

Assignee: Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC, Idaho Falls, ID
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Published / Filed: 2002-04-30 / 2000-09-06

Application Number: US2000000656312

IPC Code: Advanced: B01D 45/16; F01N 3/00; F01N 3/01; F01N 3/037; F01N 3/08; F01N 3/26; F02B 33/04; F02B 33/26; F01N 3/30; F01N 13/02;
IPC-7: B01D 45/16; F01N 3/05; F25B 9/02;

ECLA Code: B01D45/16; F01N3/00B; F01N3/01; F01N3/037; F01N3/08; F01N3/26; F02B33/04; F02B33/26; R01N3/30; R01N240/06; R01N260/14; R01N290/00; R01N13/02;

U.S. Class: Current: 055/394; 055/459.1; 055/459.5; 055/DIG.030; 060/303; 062/005;
Original: 055/394; 055/459.1; 055/459.5; 055/DIG.30; 060/303; 062/005;

Field of Search: 055/318,392,394,459.1,459.5,447,DIG. 30 060/303 062/005

Government Interest:

    This invention was made with United States Government support under Contract No. DE-AC07-99ID13727 awarded by the United States Department of Energy. The United States Government has certain rights in the invention.

Priority Number:
2000-09-06  US2000000656312
2000-04-26  US2000000199928P

Abstract:     A separator for substantially resolving at least one component of a process stream, such as from the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. The separator includes a body defining a chamber therein. A nozzle housing is located proximate the chamber. An exhaust inlet is in communication with the nozzle housing and the chamber. A nozzle assembly is positioned in the nozzle housing and includes a nozzle moveable within and relative to the nozzle housing. The nozzle includes at least one passage formed therethrough such that a process stream entering the exhaust inlet connection passes through the passage formed in the nozzle, which imparts a substantially rotational flow to the process stream as it enters the chamber. A positioning member is configured to position the nozzle relative to the nozzle housing in response to changes in process stream pressure to adjust flowrate of said process stream entering into the chamber.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Workman Nydegger & Seeley ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Hopkins, Roberts A.;

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Parent Case:

    This application claims priority from United States provisional application Ser. No. 60/199,928 filed Apr. 26, 2000, and is incorporated by reference.

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First Claim:
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We claim:     1. In a system producing at least one process stream of varying pressure, a separator for facilitating management of components of the at least one process stream, the separator comprising:
  • a body defining a chamber;
  • a nozzle housing;
  • an exhaust inlet connection in flow communication with said nozzle housing and said chamber; and
  • a nozzle assembly substantially disposed in said nozzle housing so that said process stream entering said exhaust inlet connection passes through at least a portion of said nozzle assembly and into said chamber, said nozzle assembly configured to adjust flowrate of said process stream into said chamber in response to changes in process stream pressure and to impart a substantially rotational motion to said process stream passing into said chamber so as facilitate substantial resolution of at least a first component of said process stream.

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Patent  Pub.Date  Inventor Assignee   Title
Get PDF - 15pp US3577728  1971-05 Brimer et al.  General Scientific Laboratories, Inc. EXHAUST GAS PROCESSING SYSTEM
Get PDF - 7pp US5193341  1993-03 Sibbertsen et al.  HKK Hanseatisches Kreativ Kontor Gesellschaft fur Entwicklung und Vertrieb mbH Arrangement for removing oxidizable or combustible particles from exhaust gases
Get PDF - 6pp US5536289  1996-07 Spies et al.  Firma Carl Freudenberg Gas-liquid separator
Foreign References:
Publication Date IPC Code Assignee   Title
Buy PDF - 10pp DE3128470 1983-01  F01M 13/00 Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, 8000 Muenchen, DE Zyklonoelabscheider 

Continuity Data:
Application Number Filed Notes

US2001000014295 2001-12-11  is a division of
>US2000000656312<  2000-09-06   (granted)
     US6379411 issued 2002-04-30   Two stroke engine exhaust emissions separator

US2000000656312 2000-09-06  is a non-provisional of provisional
US2000000199928P  2000-04-26

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