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Title: US6886362: Apparatus for the liquefaction of natural gas and methods relating to same
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Country: US United States of America

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31 pages

Inventor: Wilding, Bruce M.; Idaho Falls, ID, United States of America
Bingham, Dennis N.; Idaho Falls, ID, United States of America
McKellar, Michael G.; Idaho Falls, ID, United States of America
Turner, Terry D.; Ammon, ID, United States of America
Raterman, Kevin T.; Idaho Falls, ID, United States of America
Palmer, Gary L.; Shelley, ID, United States of America
Klingler, Kerry M.; Idaho Falls, ID, United States of America
Vranicar, John J.; Concord, CA, United States of America

Assignee: Bechtel BWXT Idaho LLC, Idaho Falls, ID, United States of America
other patents from BECHTEL BWXT IDAHO, LLC (765648) (approx. 113)
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Published / Filed: 2005-05-03 / 2003-04-14

Application Number: US2003000414883

IPC Code: Advanced: B01D 21/26; B01D 36/04; C10L 3/10; F25J 1/00; F25J 1/02; F25J 3/00; F25J 3/08; F28D 7/04;
IPC-7: F25J 1/00; F25J 5/00; F28F 7/00; F28F 9/22; F28F 27/02;

ECLA Code: F25J3/08; F25J1/02; F25J1/02A; F25J1/02F; F25J1/02Z2; F25J1/02Z4H; F25J1/02Z4U; F25J5/00B; F28D7/04; R25J205/20; R25J205/60; R25J205/84; R25J210/60; R25J220/62; R25J220/66; R25J220/68; R25J230/60; R25J240/02; R25J240/60; R25J245/90; R25J260/10; R25J270/02; R25J270/08; R25J270/14; R25J280/02; R25J280/10; R25J290/42; R25J290/44; R25J290/62; Y02C10/12;

U.S. Class: 062/613; 062/904; 165/103; 165/139; 165/145;

Field of Search: 062/613,903,904 165/157,159,163,103,139,145

Government Interest: GOVERNMENT RIGHTS
    The United States Government has rights in the following invention pursuant to Contract No. DE-AC07-99ID13727 between the U.S. Department of Energy and Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC.

Priority Number:
2003-04-14  US2003000414883
2002-02-27  US2002000086066
2001-05-04  US2001000288985P

Abstract:     An apparatus and method for producing liquefied natural gas. A liquefaction plant may be coupled to a source of unpurified natural gas, such as a natural gas pipeline at a pressure letdown station. A portion of the gas is drawn off and split into a process stream and a cooling stream. The cooling stream passes through a turbo expander creating work output. A compressor is driven by the work output and compresses the process stream. The compressed process stream is cooled, such as by the expanded cooling stream. The cooled, compressed process stream is divided into first and second portions with the first portion being expanded to liquefy the natural gas. A gas-liquid separator separates the vapor from the liquid natural gas. The second portion of the cooled, compressed process stream is also expanded and used to cool the compressed process stream. Additional features and techniques may be integrated with the liquefaction process including a water clean-up cycle and a carbon dioxide (CO<SUB>2</SUB>) clean-up cycle.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: Trask Britt PC ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Doerrler, William C.;

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Related Applications:
Application Number Filed Patent Pub. Date  Title
US2002000086066 2002-02-27    2003-06-24  Apparatus for the liquefaction of natural gas and methods related to same

    This application is a Divisional application of patent application Ser. No. 10/086,066, filed Feb. 27, 2002, now U.S. Pat. No. 6,581,409 issued Jun. 24, 2003 for Apparatus for the Liquefaction of Natural Gas and Methods Relating to Same, which claims priority to U.S. Provisional Application Serial No. 60/288,985 filed May 4, 2001.

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First Claim:
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    1. A heat exchanger comprising:

a tank;

at least two coils sequentially coupled to each other, the at least two coils being disposed in the tank such that their exterior surfaces are exposed to a common volume defined within the tank;

at least one coil inlet configured to admit a first stream through at least one of the at least two coils;

a plurality of coil outlets configured to pass the first stream from the coils;

at least two tank inlets configured to flow a second stream through the tank, each of the at least two tank inlets being positioned proximate a corresponding coil of the at least two coils to cause the second stream to flow over at least the coil with which the respective tank inlet is positioned proximately; and

a tank outlet configured to remove the second stream from the tank and wherein the heat exchanger is configured such that the first stream may be selectively flowed through a desired number of the at least two coils and such that the second stream may be substantially simultaneously flowed over the same coils through which the first stream is selectively flowed.

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  * some details unavailable
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  • Continuity Data:
    Application Number Filed Notes

    US2003000414883 2003-04-14  is a related to the prior publication
         US20030196452A1 issued 2003-10-23  Apparatus for the liquefaction of natural gas and methods relating to same

    >US2003000414883< 2003-04-14  is a division of
    US2002000086066  2002-02-27   (granted)
         US6581409 issued 2003-06-24   Apparatus for the liquefaction of natural gas and methods related to same

    >US2003000414883<   is a division of
    US2002000086066  2002-02-27
         US6581409 issued 2003-06-24   Apparatus for the liquefaction of natural gas and methods related to same

    US2003000414883 2003-04-14  is a non-provisional of provisional
    US2001000288985P  2001-05-04

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