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17 pages

Inventor: BAGHERZADEH, Nejad;

Assignee: BAGHERZADEH, Nejad
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Published / Filed: 1993-06-24 / 1992-12-16

Application Number: WO1992GB0002336

IPC Code: Advanced: B62M 6/60; B62M 9/10; F02B 1/04;
IPC-7: B60B 27/02; B62M 9/10; B62M 23/02;

ECLA Code: B62M6/60; B62M9/10; R02B1/04;

Priority Number:
1991-12-19  GB1991000026958
1992-09-23  GB1992000020074

Abstract:     A bicycle is disclosed which can be powered either by the pedals, through a front chain-wheel (10), a primary chain (12) and a rear derailleur sprocket block (11) or by an electric motor (13) through a motorised chain-wheel (14), a secondary chain (15) and an auxiliary sprocket (21). A derailleur chain thrower (16) is provided to throw the chain (12) from one sprocket to another in the usual way. The auxiliary sprocket (21) and the sprocket block (11) are mounted on the hub (23) of the bicycle's rear wheel on independent one-way clutch, ratchet or free-wheeling mechanisms (37, 40). In this way the primary (12) and secondary (15) chain may effectively operate independently of one another. The bicycle power attachment may be fitted to existing and production bicycles with a minimum of modification. [French]

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+ Description Auxiliary Power Attachment for Pedal Cycles
+ Technical Field
    This invention relates to a pedal cycle having an auxiliary power attachment and also to the transmission system for such a cycle.
+ Background Art Many attempts have in the past been made to provide pedal cycles, in particular bicycles, with auxiliary power attachments. These attempts fall largely into two categories: power attachments which are intended to be fitted to any type of pedal cycle and which deliver motive power to the drive wheel of the cycle through a ffiction drive acting on the cycle tyre; and purpose-built cycles in which auxiliary motive power is commonly delivered through an auxiliary sprocket and chain drive. An example of a power attachment which belongs to the first of the above categories is disclosed in US patent No. 3 961678. This document describes an auxiliary power attachment which possesses a drive roller, the roller being brought into fractional contact with the circumferences of the cycle's tyre when auxiliary power is applied.
    This type of power attachment has a number of disadvantages. The _first is that the bicycle tyre and or the drive roller will tend to wear.
+ Disclosure of the invention The object of the present invention is to provide a transmission system for a pedal cycle which will allow the simultaneous or independent use of pedal power and auxiliary power, while requiring modification only of the rear sprocket arrangement of a standard pedal cycle. Accordingly, this invention provides a transmission system for attachment to the right hand side of a pedal cycle's drive wheel hub, the transmission system comprising a primary sprocket as any known conventional kind provided in bicycles with multiple gear including a derailleur system and an auxiliary sprocket pulley or other driven wheel having a one-way clutch or ratchet mecharnsm including an internally threaded part which is adapted to be threaded onto complementary thread on the existing wheel hub and means for attaching the primary sprocket, to the said auxiliary sprocket, pulley or other driven wheel to form a transmission assembly, being adapted to be threaded on to the complementary thread to allow independent overrunning of the first and second mechanisms in the same sense. The primary sprocket will normally be driven through a primary chain and a chain- wheel by the pedals, the auxiliary sprocket, pulley or other driven wheel will similarly be driven through a secondary chain, belt or other driving mechanism by the auxiliary power attachment for example an electric motor. Both the primary sprocket and the auxiliary sprocket, pulley or other driven wheel are attached to the same side of the wheel hub, the transmission system may be used with a standard cycle wheel that is adapted to take a drive only on its right hand side.
    Furthermore, since two mechanism are able to operate independent from one another, there is no requirement for the auxiliary power attachment or the pedal driven chain- wheel to be provided with an additional freewheeling mechanism. The standard way in which transmission sprockets are attached to the cycle hub is by means of complementary threads of the hub which is an integral part of the hub casing.

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