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Delphion's Gallery of Obscure Patents

Anti-eating face mask   US04344424
Anti-eating face mask

...simple and inexpensive in construction, which does not interfere with transmission of speech or breathing by the user and which may be locked in place

Body squeegee

Not only is the body squeegee more convenient and healthful than towels, it saves energy and money due to reduced laundering.

  Body squeegee

Inflatable rug   US03984595
Inflatable rug

...convertible to a mattress, in order to obviate the prior art problem of storing or housing large convertible beds.

Eating utensil   US04809435
Eating utensil

...resembles chopsticks, but which does not require the skilled manipulation

Sytem for magnetically attaching templeless eyewear to a person

  Sytem for magnetically attaching templeless eyewear to a person

Bird diaper   US05934226
Bird diaper

...featuring an enclosed pouch... and apertures to accomodate both the wings and the tail of the bird.

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