INPADOC is one of the most comprehensive patent collections in the world. Produced by the European Patent Office and updated weekly, this database contains patent family documents and legal status information from 65 WIPO signatories and 22 patent offices, respectively.

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The Delphion IPN makes available 30 million patent family documents and 45 million legal status actions. This data is displayed in a patent's Integrated View. There is also a separate "INPADOC View" link that shows only the fields from the INPADOC collection.

Patent families represent patents with similar claims from a wide range of countries. This information is useful for identifying the countries in which a patent for a given invention has been applied for or granted. This makes it easier for companies to monitor the import and export strategies of their competitors and to determine the countries in which the invention is not protected and can therefore be freely used.

Legal status shows the status, as of a point in time, of a particular patent, as well as members of its patent family, whether it is still valid or has expired. All legal status changes, before and after grant, are listed. Status may officially change before we receive a status update, so you might wish to confirm the status of a given patent with the official government office.

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