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Delphion's Gallery of Historic Patents

Inflatable safety device (car airbag)   US03414292
Inflatable safety device (car airbag)

Sidney Oldberg & William R Carey (1968)

Improvement in Telegraphy (Telephone)

Alexander Graham Bell (1876)

  Improvement in Telegraphy (Telephone)

Barbed wire   US00157124
Barbed wire

Joseph F Glidden (1874)


Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright (1906)


Statue of Liberty design   USD0011023
Statue of Liberty design

Auguste Barholdi (1879)

Navigable balloon

Ferdinand Graf Zepplin (1899)

  Navigable balloon

Secret communication system (frequency hopping)   US02292387
Secret communication system (frequency hopping)

Hedy Markey (Lamarr) & George Antheil (1942)

Batmobile design

George Barris (1966)

  Batmobile design

Buoying vessels over shoals   US00006469
Buoying vessels over shoals

Abraham Lincoln (1849)

Velvet type fabric and method of producing same (Velcro)

George de Mestral (1955)

  Velvet type fabric and method of producing same (Velcro)

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