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Delphion Products Overview

Delphion gives you the patent collections & searching options you need to see inside the world's important patent databases.

Delphion analytical tools give you new insights into your data:
  • Citation Link creates graphical maps of forward and backward references
  • Snapshot allows quick online analysis of your results using bar charts
  • PatentLab-II supports offline analysis of results with 3D graphs and charts
  • Clustering performs keyword-based linguistic analysis
  • Corporate Tree facilitates targeted Assignee name searching
And our productivity tools help make the most of your research efforts:
  • Data Extract exports key bibliographic fields in common formats
  • Work Files save, organize, annotate and share personalized lists of patents
  • Saved Searches saves queries for frequently-used searches
  • Alerts automatically notifies you of updates
  • PDF Express bulk downloads of up to 500 PDFs
Tracking capabilities give you the detail necessary to support client chargebacks and interdepartmental cost allocations.

Patent viewing options include the Delphion Integrated View, both high-resolution and low-resolution image options, and a variety of download and delivery options.

Delphion offers individual subscription packages tailored to meet your individual research needs.

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