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Text Clustering

Delphion Text Clustering transforms obscure, textual information into useful knowledge. The visible relationships quickly become clear when you display clusters of similar documents based on extracted keywords. Text Clustering lets you look at your patents in a whole new way.

Text Clustering is a powerful visualization tool that helps you analyze your search results and Work Files.
  • Examine your search results using linguistic technologies to explore relationships between patents
  • Create a more targeted analysis of your patent data
  • Analyze similarities to focus on what's most relevant
Text Clustering is a linguistic and relational technology used to analyze the patent documents in your Result Set or Work File to extract key terms from the titles and abstracts. Documents are assigned uniquely to one defined cluster; clusters of similar documents are clearly displayed along with the extracted keywords that characterize each cluster. Results can be visualized graphically with a map that provides an overview of the clusters and an indication of the relationship among them.

You can then focus on the most relevant clusters or "drill down" into any cluster and view individual documents — taking hidden, textual information and transforming it into useful knowledge.

You can also create Result Sets from individual text clusters — and then use the other Delphion analytical and productivity tools to view your cluster in a whole new way.

Text Clustering

Text Clustering is free for Delphion Unlimited subscribers, and $25 per day for Delphion Premier subscribers.

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